Media Invite: eBike Experience in SF (May 4 & 7) - We’ll come to you

Media Invite: eBike Experience in SF (May 4 & 7) - We’ll come to you

Experience first-hand how an eBike can change your commute, your family and your health

Thursday, May 3, 2018 — This story is a fresh take on how e-bikes can enhance mobility for commuters and families in San Francisco. 

I’m excited to invite you to a curbside e-bike experience in San Francisco on May 4 or 7th. We will come to your location with Riese & Müller's eAdventure and eCargo bikes and take you on a ride to experience first-hand how fun, smooth and utilitarian e-Bikes can change how we approach urban mobility.  

Can we ask for 20 minutes of your time?

  • WHEN: Friday, May 4th or Monday, May 7th
  • TIME & PLACE: You name it in SF - we will arrive curbside with bikes ready to ride and helmets.

What’s the story?

San Francisco continues to grow as does traffic right along with it. Cycling is getting easier as millions are poured into bike infrastructure and improving and creating new bike lanes and paths. In the U.S., e-bike sales grew at least 50 percent in 2017. E-bikes are here to stay and can play an important role in regional mobility, particularly in San Francisco where an added boost can help bikers traverse the city's notorious hills. 

The story is about eMobility, style, and redefining the transportation experience for commuters, families, and anyone looking to leave the car in the garage and shake the nasty yoke of sitting in traffic, parking and arriving to work or home exhausted by the traffic grind.

We will bring several different styles of premium eBikes to your location, including e-Cargo bikes able to carry up to 200 lbs and e-Adventure bikes perfect for longer-haul commuters. You will be able to experience the fun, performance and smooth ride of these bikes and see how the technology works in order to get a true feel for the impact that eBikes can have on urban mobility.

Story Angles:

  • Can an eBike change San Francisco?
  • Unplug Your Kids - Commute with an e-Cargo bike
  • Meet Riese & Muller - A 25-Year-Old eBike brand committed to changing how we experience our city
  • Redefining the Family Truckster
  • From Traffic Jams to the Long Way Home with an eBike
  • eBikes Bring Style, Functionality and Fun
  • Yes, an eBike Could Replace Your Car

A sampling of e-cargo and e-adventure bikes will be available to test, including new additions to the line:

  • Load Touring HS -  A full-size eCargo bike with a high-speed motor capable of 28 mph and a Nuvinci automatic gear hub. 
  • Packster 40 - Compact crossover eCargo bike with room enough for one child, a solid load of groceries, and a bag. 
  • Supercharger GX Rohloff HS - For longer trips and expeditions on any road. With an integrated Bosch PowerTube battery the classic-bike-look is preserved.
  • New Charger GT Touring HS - For the daily commute and longer weekend rides. With a Bosch High-Speed motor (assistance up to 28 mph) and an integrated Bosch PowerTube battery, the New Charger brings fun to everyday life that you'll look forward to running extra errands.
Supercharger GX Rohloff HS - with two integrated Bosch PowerTube batteries
New Charger GT Touring
Packster 40 with Carry System
The Load - Full-size eCargo bike
New Charger in action
Packster 40
Supercharger frame up close
The Load